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Location​​​​​​: 25 osborne St Christchurch 8011

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My Running & Walking Classes Available

I want to help you to move, connect and laugh with each other again starting with the basic human movement skill of walking, barefoot running, crawling, jumping, climbing and using our bodies again. All the below classes are designed to help you do that in and around the beautiful outdoors of Christchurch. Please make a booking by clicking the orange buttons below which direct you to my Facebook Services page where you can book your date and time for a class in.

Trail running Group Wed 9.30-11am

1 hour 30 minutes • $20 / 90 min , min 3 confirmed

This session is aimed at intermediate/advanced as the intervals are longer than on Tuesday night and terrain can be slightly more challenging. Quite a few in this group training for marathons. Also again we will work on developing the running economy and speed.

Trail running group Tuesday 6-7pm


1 hour • $15 / 60 min , min 3 confirmed


This session is aimed at beginner/intermediate level where we will be keeping the intervals with a sustainable range to work on running economy and developing speed. Total km 7-9km Venue will change depending what we focus on

Trail running programme

2 hours 30 minutes and up • Price varies

Typically 12-16 weeks programme.


If more complex for multi- sport or a 100 miler over a longer build up period, we will discuss best way and price

Individual classes- venue to suit

1 hour • $65/hr, $45 for 30 mins


You looking for inspiration how to incorporate more movement into your life. Each session will progress in basic movement skills to more complex skills. If you feel your running has gone stale we will look at targeting more core and stability exercises in the park to work on imbalances and alignment both when running and outside.

Outdoor movement Classes

1 hour and up • $25 , min 2, max 4 per class

Learn new skills, build core, stability and strength with natural movements. Try barefoot and get strength in your often undernourished feet. Crawling, jumping, hanging etc. Also can be tailored more towards runners as a more specific run sessions with barefoot drills , intervals etc.

Nourish Your Walking

By appointment - please contact Sia for more information

“Walking is a superfood. Its the defining movement of a human, Katy Bowman, biomechanist and author. Come walk and explore new movements as we walk, uphills, downhills, arm swings, gait, bit barefoot sometimes. Aim to walk 5-10km terrain dependant.


Monday: 16.30-18.30 pm Cafe Fava, Centaurus Road,St Martin

Wednesday: 9-10.30am - Bridle Path Car park, Heathcote

Friday: 9-10.30am - Cave Rock, Esplanade, Sumner


Please bring a jacket and a down west or jacket once it gets colder. Minimalist encouraged but wear what you have and are comfortable with. We will do some sections barefoot if possible.